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SCL China Doll "Dolly"

Dolly comes from a lineage of great hunting dogs. She has a gorgeous head, is extremely smart and is a joy to have around. Dolly has an outstanding temperament, a fun-loving spirit, and is a natural retriever. 

SCL Shantille Lace "Lacey"

Lacey has been a star from the start! She comes from a line of outstanding hunting dogs and champion field dogs. Her mom sold for $5,000. Lacey is a fun-loving girl and has never met anyone she didn't like! She is full of energy and likes to run and fetch and do all of the things that labs love to do!

SCL Penelope "Penny"

Penny is our youngest son's favorite dog! She follows him wherever he goes. She is a great retriever and has a personality that is loved by everyone!

SCL Miss Avalon ("Missy")

Missy is a beautiful chocolate lab with a huge heart and excellent disposition! She is a friend to everyone, is very intelligent and athletic. She has proven to be a great mom!

SCL Scarlet Lace "Scarlet"

Scarlet is out of two of our finest Dogs. She loves the field and being our Best Friend! She has a great pedigree and loves life!

SCL Miss Josie "Josie"

Josie is a great dog! She has a fancy pedigree and is very athletic. She loves people and children and her puppies will add joy to your home!

SCL Darling Lilly "Lilly"

Lily is named perfectly! She is white as a lily and is as pretty as they come! With a great personality and athletic ability, she is a perfect friend for all!

SCL Sadies Chocolate Hurricane "Sadie"

Sadie is a great dog!! She loves people, children, and lots of attention! Her pedigree is filled with show champions and master hunters!

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